About GRimcraft

Grimcraft is Designed for The Strange and Unusual

Grimcraft is a brand of alternative design and home decor for Horror and Dark Art fans designed and made in the UK by British handcrafter Sarah Calavera.

Hello and welcome to GrimCraft!

Thanks for checking out my shop, I hope you’ve found some ghoulish treats to decorate your crypt and spook up your closet.

I know you’re here to find out a bit more about Grimcraft and discover why I do what I do.

So let me tell you a little story…

I’ve never really fit into a typical “artist’s” box and have always been told I was too Gothic…too dark…too weird by all my teachers at school, college and even University.

I bet you know exactly what I mean, people often make judgements when they see something or someone different.

Thanks to that, I honestly didn’t think that my art was good enough and that no-one else would really like it either.

So creating art took a back seat in my career.

In 2005 I moved to Colombia, South America and became an English teacher, putting my creativity to use in another way.

In 2012, my friend Jack, who was moving house, gave me a blank wooden cabinet that I thought needed a touch of gothic greatness. I knew it was an opportunity to have a go at making something different.

Inspired by Tim Burton and the Dia De Los Muertos sugar skulls I set to work with a tub of black and white paint, some silver glitter and Grimcrafted my first piece of dark art…and here it is.

I’d forgotten how much fun it was to just enjoy painting without someone criticising my style or technique…it may not have been a masterpiece, but I loved it anyway.

I actually got so many compliments from my friends, and some even asked me to make something for them too…so it got me thinking what else can I paint?

In the beginning, I sold a few things to friends and named my little “business” Grimwood since I was mostly working with trinket boxes and MDF blanks like this…

As my ideas came to life and developed, I expanded into ceramics, painting skulls and sculpting zombie busts, as well as designing t-shirts stickers and apparel.

That was when I realised I needed a stronger name that covered all the weird and wonderful things that I had in my rotten brain…and GrimCraft was born.

Since then, I’ve spent years practicing many arts & craft techniques and mastering a variety of different materials and I’ve grown a lot since I first began.

Grimcraft has now become more than just a hobby for me…

It’s my therapy, my passion and I hope to continue growing and creating something unique for lovers of all things gothic, horror and the macabre.

I get inspired by dark art, horror films (especially the old vintage classics and the 80’s era), Victorian gothic and Steampunk, channel some witchy vibes as well as getting inspiration from the obscure symbology of the occult.

Grimcraft is the smallest of businesses (just me for now) based in a North-East town called Crook, County Durham in my native England.

You’ll find me trading at local events around County Durham and further afield in places like Nerd Fest, Newcastle, The Whitby Steampunk Weekend, North Yorkshire and HorrorCon, Sheffield with many more to come.

It still amazes me that there are people out there who like the same creepy things I do…and I feel proud every time I get a new order no matter how big or small 🙂

So, thank you for visiting Grimcraft today…

I’m ready to help you decorate your crypt with unique, unusual spooky wares and add some ghoulish style to your creepy closet.

You’ll always find uniquely awesome dark stuff at affordable prices all handmade and designed by me, Sarah Calavera.

I hope you fall in love with these pieces as much as I love creating them.

Welcome to Grimcraft – Keep it spooky!

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